10 Weird Facts About Teeth

Dentistry is the field of medicine that targets the care and maintenance of our teeth. It is an important aspect of being healthy and maintaining one’s oral health. There are some strange facts about our teeth that are important as well as just plain interesting to know.

Tooth Prints

We know that fingerprints are unique to each person but did you know that so are our tooth prints? Tooth prints are the impressions that our teeth make on objects such as clay or thermoplastic wafer. Dentists have been recently using these to keep track of children’s dental progress and to identify individuals. Each individual has a specific set of prints that can be used to differentiate one from the other. The Allentown dentists that we interviewed confirmed that teeth prints are in fact unique to individuals.

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Uneven Teeth

Another interesting fact about our teeth is that if they are uneven and crowded, there is a higher possibility that you would get more headaches compared to having straight teeth. This is because overcrowded and uneven teeth put more pressure on your jaw which can cause chronic headaches. On the other hand, there are also some cultures that have a different opinion on uneven teeth. Many of the Japanese believe that having uneven teeth makes them look cuter and younger!


It has been widely touted that fluoride is good for your teeth but too much of this can also be bad for your pearly whites. This is especially true for children below the age of 8 years old. If the child ingests too much fluoride, it can cause a condition called fluorosis in the teeth. Initially, chalky spots appear on the teeth and eventually become brown. These spots are rather difficult to remove. Aside from the flawed appearance, the excess in fluoride can also cause your teeth to be weaker and more prone to damage because they become porous.

Earliest Dentists

The Etruscans are believed to be one of the cultures that actively practiced dentistry as early as 700 BC. They were supposed to have the capacity to carved false teeth from other animals that had teeth like ours. There is also evidence that they produced dentures that enabled the wearer to eat as close to normally as possible.

Front and Back Teeth

Did you know that front teeth are more likely to be lost due to gum disease compared your molars? This is probably because of the way that front teeth are anchored to the gums. Another reason may be because we often forget to clean the backs of our front teeth compared to our molars which we can clean thoroughly.

The Ancients

aztec dentistryIt is not just us who are obsessed with the health of our teeth. The ancient Chinese used to write incantations and prayers on little pieces of parchment. The parchment papers were then wrapped around the painful tooth in hopes of alleviating the pain. The Aztecs were also quite advanced when it came to filling cavities. They would mix iron filings and water along with other elements which they baked and poured into the cavities to seal them.

Toothache for the Rich

A lot of people before used to think that toothache and cavities were diseases that were exclusive to the rich. There may be some truth to this theory because back in those days, it was only the rich who can afford to buy sweets and consume them with no regard for their oral health.


In ancient Japan, many women would blacken their teeth to show their loyalty to their husbands. This form of disfigurement (believed to make the woman unattractive) was popular during the Meiji Era and had the benefit of sealing the teeth and preventing it from decaying, much like sealants do nowadays.


Before we were even born, our bodies already formed tooth buds which are positioned under the gums ready for eruption around the age of 4-7 months. In spite of this, some babies are born with teeth peeking out of the gums while others erupt their milk teeth earlier than 4 months.


Our teeth are the only parts of the human body that cannot repair itself. Unlike the skin, tissues, muscles and bones in our body, the teeth do not have the capacity to regenerate itself if it becomes damaged. We need dentistry and the help of the dentist to repair what has been damaged.

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